Hosting Support and Maintenance

Keep your website running smoothly.

Keeping websites regularly maintained, backed-up and up-to-date with relevant content is important as otherwise it could leave your website vulnerable to online criminals, as well as feeling out-of-date in comparison to your competitors.

It takes time to regularly update a website, but we have the correct skills and know-how to do this efficiently. Our maintenance packages are designed specifically to manage your WordPress site.

  • Weekly Automated Backup via CMS Commander; these backups will transfer to a dedicated FTP account for all of our WP websites that are being automatically backed up every week. These are scheduled to be completed early in the morning to reduce potential impact on website experience.
  • iThemes Security; this will protect the website from potentially damaging threats and infiltrators. Various measures include a block list for those who try to login too many times, as well as protection against Brute Force attacks. Notifications can be setup to inform when such an attack is happening.
  • Updating Plugins/Core; keeping installed plugins on the website up-to-date so that the risk of potential infection is minimised, as well as updating the WordPress version to the latest so that the framework does not become vulnerable.
  • Spam Reduction; we will configure WordPress installations to disallow the submission of spam-led comments on all pages across the website.
  • Addition Of New Content; upon request of the client, we will be able to add in new content where specified. This includes small tasks such as adding in new images/text, altering a page’s design, adding in new links, etc
  • Fixing Errors On The Website; we can go into the website and x errors where needed, such as broken links, images and pages. We will do a crawl of the website (via Screaming Frog) and assess such issues, which we will then be able to look-into and amend.

If your website is running slow on another server or you feel safer in the knowledge the people taking care of your website are hosting it as well then we can transfer your hosting and emails to our dedicated WordPress server.

For more information on how we can improve and maintain your website call 01798 667167

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