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Before we launch your online digital marketing campaign we will need to know how people interact with your website, and how they found you. With over 40,000 online searches per second made in the UK, you can see why it becomes important to get the right information about what your potential customers are looking for.

Google now accounts for 87% of online searches, with Bing and Yahoo following up with around 9% and 4% respectively.

PPC Stars can set up Google analytics for you, monitoring and reporting your online traffic, helping you understand who is looking for relevant goods, services or keywords and then producing campaigns for optimisation. There are dozens of useful tools and features within Google analytics that will help analyse your data and aid you in making well-informed marketing decisions.

If this is too complex, or you don’t have the time to monitor your Google analytics, PPC Stars can do it for you, supplying you with headline information such as real time analytics, customised reports, conversion tracking, visitor flow and page analytics.

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