Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

More than 1.8 billion people are using Facebook every month, providing businesses with a vast audience.

Here at PPC Stars we design and create all types of adverts for Facebook that tell a story about your business services or products. Whether these are photo, carousel, video, slideshow or canvas adverts, they are set up with your business objectives in mind and to work on all devices. We will advise you on what will work best for your business. Facebook advertising ensures your adverts reach your target audience by precisely targeting specific criteria, filtering demographics such as gender and age, job titles, geographic locations, interests and brands among other categories.

Facebook is a much less expensive pay per click option than others at just 10-20% of the cost of other search engines. We can also create daily budgets for your ads so you never spend over a set amount.

PPC Stars track the results of your Facebook adverts through analytics to analyse the performance. We can show you a breakdown of the reach, impressions, clicks, and other results whilst letting you know how much these cost you. We will always go a step further and can also share information about the people who are performing these actions on your adverts. These audience insights are invaluable for market research and can help us tailor content so it is more relevant to the audience engaging with it.

Facebook advertising drives traffic to your Facebook page and website, increases brand awareness and can collect information through form submissions, making it an effective form of online marketing in a now digital world.

To discover how Facebook Advertising can promote your business and increase your customer base, contact us today.

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