Infinity call tracking

If you want to take your call tracking to the next level PPC Stars can do that for you!

We use infinity call tracking which enables us to track every call which comes in to your business directly from the website.

Every call is recorded so you can listen to the conversations and this can really help with staff training and also recording important calls which can be saved for further use.

The real benefit is that we can track the source of the call so we can say which calls have come from paid searches, organic searches, direct clicks to the website, Bing clicks and social media clicks.

We can also track the exact keyword used to generate the call which enables us to optimise your PPC account and focus on the best performing keywords in your campaigns.

You can login to the Infinity Call Tracking portal from our website every day and listen to your calls.

Give us a call if you want to see a live example of the product.

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