Protecting Your Business From Negative SEO With A Trusted White Hat SEO Company

What is negative SEO?


Negative SEO is the practice of using unethical techniques in order to sabotage a competitor's rankings in search engines. If you are the victim of a negative SEO attack, it can have a huge impact on the success of your website and therefore business, whilst giving your competitors the opportunity to earn more business as a result of the attack on your company.

Negative SEO attacks could be anything from hacking into your website, building thousands of spammy links to your website and even copying your content and distributing it all over the internet to make it appear as spam to search engines. They could be posting links to your website using inappropriate keywords which are irrelevant to your business. Some will even create fake social profiles and ruin your reputation online.


The end result of all of these things is that, ultimately, you will lose your ranking results. Google penalise things such as spammy content and will ensure that page does not appear. This means that you’ll lose a significant amount of traffic to your website as people are no longer able to easily find you through their searches and will end up losing out on work.


Another effect may be that your metadata - the information which appears on Google when linking to your business - will come up with foreign, spammy text. See an example below of what visitors to your site may see:


As you can see, a negative SEO attack is not something to take lightly and if you have a business you're looking to build an online reputation with, you should be taking every care to ensure that you are not going to be the next victim of these awful attackers.

Advantages of doing SEO with an agency?


There are many advantages to choosing the right agency to carry out your SEO work, as opposed to hiring somebody in house or trying to learn and carry out the work yourself. Not only is SEO very time consuming when done properly, but the large variety of tools which an agency will use use which help them in their work can be quite costly if you’re purchasing them just for yourself. Whereas at an agency, with the experience of a team of qualified individuals all working together and able to put in their input, the overall job will be much more effective. It’s also much cheaper in the long run to pay an experienced SEO agency as opposed to hiring and paying a salary to one full time, experienced, individual in house.


What can a responsible company do for you if your website has been attacked by hackers?


If you have been the victim of negative SEO and hackers to your website, you should consider hiring a reliable, responsible SEO company to help fix the issues created on your website. A reliable agency should have a process implemented to help eliminate the threats, remove any spammy backlinks which have been created and help to rebuild the sites links and reputation in order to get your spot back in the search engine rankings. Although not an immediate process, hiring a responsible company to help fix these issues will lift the burden from yourselves and with the wide range of experience across the team the job will likely be much more effective. So fear not, you don’t have to deal with hackers alone!


How To Choose The Right SEO Company?


If you're looking to find the perfect SEO company for your business, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of businesses out there who claim to offer brilliant SEO services. It can be extremely difficult to know who to pick and there are certain questions you should be asking to be able to differentiate between those who simply say they can achieve what you need and go about it in a very negative approach and those who do truly work very hard in order to help your business to succeed for the long run.


The first thing we would recommend is to take a look at some of the reviews the company have received. Seeing whether they have other genuinely happy clients is important and will also give a good idea of how well they're building a rapport with their customers. SEO should be beneficial to your business and can take time to be successful as it's a work in progress, however seeing other positive responses is a good sign of a genuine company.


Does the company work with plans and reports, following a structured work schedule? How often are you going to receive updates? Are they able to show you an example of a report they have completed in order to show you the way things will be shown and explained to you, as well as how they're documenting the progress and development. How often will these reports be sent out? Monthly? Quarterly? How often do you feel you'd like to be kept in the loop with what's happening? It's very important that you're going to be able to track the work that is being completed on a regular basis, in order to see that your money is being spent wisely and in a genuine way. It is also worth considering how the company get their backlinks; you don't want to be receiving lots of spammy, irrelevant, backlinks but ideally will be receiving some good natural looking and relevant backlinks from companies who will send useful traffic your way. If for example you're a plumber covering the south west, it's no use having a lot of enquiries from up north? You want to be receiving relevant traffic to turn these leads into paying clients for your company. All of these things should be taken into account when choosing an SEO company.

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