The Importance of Social Media For Your Business

Over the last ten years, the role of social media in marketing plans has dominated over other more traditional approaches. Here's why it’s so important to consider the role of social media in marketing for your business…


Connect personally with billions of users


Facebook has over 2 billion active members all checking their newsfeeds regularly and it's one of the most visited websites on earth. Twitter has 328 million active monthly users. If these figures aren't enough reason for you, then compare this with the American Superbowl which in 2017 had 111.3 million TV viewers. Social media has a huge reach that other more traditional forms of advertising can't compare with and this shows the importance of social media presence for business.



Create a personality for your business:


Some businesses have distinct and natural personalities that come directly from the founder, think about companies like Apple or Disney, but finding your brand's personality can be a challenge. By participating in local social media campaigns for charities and local causes you can start to build a following of local people who want to support your business because you support causes they care about. A social media page for your business however is nothing at all like your personal accounts and will need a great deal of management in order for your posts to be effective and to reach the right target market for your products. In order to succeed, these pages will need professional management. A clever marketing campaign can have a brilliant effect on your popularity as a business. KFC recently had a win on social media when it was revealed on Twitter that the only Twitter accounts they followed was all 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys called Herb in honour of their secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Instead of promoting this they let their customers find out for themselves and gained a new entertaining edge to their brand. KFC's customers will eagerly search out further jokes on social media increasing awareness of the brand.


Reviews of your business from friends and family.


The recommendations and reviews of businesses by friends and family is one of the best reasons to use social media in your business, but what’s even better is to see those positive reviews rolling in from your genuine clientele. A Facebook review is something that people will trust as it comes from a real person and the more reviews you have the better. Engaging with your customers by answering good and bad reviews will show that you care about improving your business and what your customers think.


Simple and Low Cost:


This is why the role of social media in marketing plans is so popular with accountants and financial controllers. The cost of just setting up Facebook pages and Twitter accounts is almost zero and you can build an engaging social media campaign without any paid advertising. Boosting the views with paid advertising is a low-cost way to improve the number of people who are seeing your social media posts. When looked after by a professional social media manager, these paid posts can be extremely effective, when structured in the right way.


Easily Targeted Advertising


Another part of the importance of social media presence for business is the ability to target your advertising at different users. Different social media platforms attract different age groups and those social media platforms divide up their users into different groups. For example, use Facebook to advertise to the over 35s and Snapchat to target 16 to 24-year-olds but remember that other age groups use these platforms as well.


Detailed information on who is seeing your adverts.


The reporting of who has seen your advertising shows how important the role of social media in marketing is. Getting the almost instant insight into how well a campaign is attracting views and the attention of social media users allows businesses to adapt their marketing ensuring they are spending money on what works. If you spend time developing a witty social media campaign, then find out through the analytics of the platforms you're using that it's not working you can cut your losses quickly.


This is why social media is important for your business it's a combination of its cost-effective advertising opportunities and the targeting to those potential customers who are most likely to use your business. People believe reviews from people they know and having real customers place reviews on social media builds trust. Supporting others is the best way to build a following with customers who share your business's values and clever witty posts to draw their attention will grow the engagement of your customers making them think of you the next time they need your business.


If you are hoping to build your social media presence, why not get in touch with us here at PPC Stars? Our fantastic social media team are on hand to give you the advice and professional account management you need in order to help your business pages to grow. You can reach us either on 01730 316 462 or drop us an email to and somebody will be back in touch with you shortly.

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