The Importance of email marketing

‘The money’s in the list’
You may have heard that said before in online marketing/business circles. It means that there is a lot of money to be made by having your customers or potential customers email addresses saved in a list that you can send emails to.

It’s very, very true. One of the most important things you should be doing with your business is collecting peoples emails and saving them to send to later. This means you can send them things like promotions, sell them things, ask the questions and a whole lot more.

It’s done by having a campaign, set up by experts and also a bit of software which helps you collect all the email addresses and let’s you send them messages.

 Email Marketing

Emails sent in bulk
Email marketing lets you send emails in BULK to your customers. This means that you can write a message once and have it seen thousands of times by your customers, in a place where they’re paying attention. If someone opens an email, they’re more than likely going to read it, whereas places like Twitter, Facebook etc are busy places. Not everything you post there will get read by your customers or prospects.

Why you should do it
It can help you make more money. Simple as that. By emailing and staying in touch with people you can massively increase your bottom line. People open emails, and people buy things. Also by sending emails to your existing customers selling them something else has a much better conversion rate. Why? Because these people already know and trust you. they’ve bought from you before so they’re very likely to buy from you again.

Studies have shown that people who buy from you once are many times more likely to buy from you again, and at a higher price as well. By not keeping in touch with your customers and telling them about your new products, you’re potentially leaving a LOT of money on the table.

It’s well known in online marketing that the biggest indicator for a businesses success is the size of the email list. Having a big email list will almost ALWAYS mean you make more money. It’s strongly correlated. Are you keeping in touch with your customers?

How it works
It works like this -

- You have a business that sells a product or a service.

- You set up an email campaign (Or get experts like us to set it up)

- People get emails from you, and a percentage of those people will buy what you’re selling.

It’s very simple but it’s not easy. It can be tricky to get the right balance of content and selling in the emails and also the setup of email marketing can be tricky. It’s WELL worth doing though. If you’re not convinced about email marketing yet, you will be. Let’s go through a few ideas..

Let’s say you have an online store. People buy things from your store. Send out an email with a coupon code for people to get a discount for one week only, and you’ll find that sales just flood in.

People love a bargain or a discount and by telling your EXISTING customers about this bargain, they’re much more likely to take advantage of it and buy.

Launching a new product? Imagine if you could tell all the people who have bought from you about your new product, the day it comes out.

A large number of them would buy it. Why? Because they’ve bought from you before and they trust you. If you’ve been keeping in contact with them they’re likely to have your business in mind when they’re thinking about making a purchase.

Keeping in touch with your customers
Consider this. You’re a wedding venue. Not you personally, but lets say you own a wedding venue and you have a website. People that are researching a wedding venue often won’t make their decision instantly. It’s a BIG decision and so they'll shop around, and consider their options.

If, however, when they visit YOUR site, you capture their email address (Capture is an aggressive word, I mean if they ‘opt in’ to your email list) you can send them content.

You could email them every few days or every week with tips on planning the perfect wedding, nice romantic ideas for their big day etc, and by doing this you’re keeping YOUR website at the top of their list. You’re staying relevant and on their mind.

They’re much more likely to choose you because you’re constantly reminding them about you, where they might have otherwise forgot and chosen somewhere else.

This works for almost any industry and niche. Staying relevant and in the minds of your POTENTIAL customers is more important than people realise. As well as that, you should be staying ‘on the radar’ for your existing customers as well, and email marketing lets you do both very effectively.

Surveys and market research
Anther great reason to do email marketing. Let’s say you want to launch a new product or service, or improve on one you’ve already got. Sure, you could do lots of expensive market research and spend hours searching for answers, OR you could send out a simple survey to your customers asking the what they liked or didn’t like.

You could ask them what they WANT or need in a product, and then when you analyse the information, give it to them.

So many businesses fail on this one point. They create things they THINK their customers want, without just spending 5 minutes writing an email to ASK them what they want.

There are many more reasons why email marketing is a must for your business in 2017, probably too many to go into in one blog post. If you want to learn more about how it can help you get more leads, sales and results for your business, get in touch with us today for a personal quote.  


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