Why we offer a minimum of 15 hours for SEO

SEO is complicated.
There are lots of things involved, and they all work together to create the SEO results that we provide. There are a few very good reasons we don’t offer any less than 15 hours per month in our SEO plans. These reasons are part of what makes us different from a lot of other agencies.

SEO Packages

If we offered super cheap plans for £50 a month, for example, we would be doing you a dis-service. This is because we as experts know what’s involved. We know how much SEO work is actually needed to even move the needle.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, and on a regular basis, to achieve and maintain good rankings in the search engines. This work can’t be skipped, and there aren’t shortcuts. Sure, there are people out there who will take you £50 a month and promise results, but after 1-2 years when you realise they were ‘all talk’, it’s too late. You’ve spent the money and wasted the time.

SEO takes time (When it’s done properly), and that’s why it’s very important to go with the RIGHT agency from the start. Often, there are contracts in SEO, and we also offer contracts. We start with 3 months and go up to 12 months. There are a few reasons we offer contracts with SEO, and not with PPC.

Commitment to the results.
Contracts are there with SEO because we need your commitment.

Not to ‘tie you down’ or anything like that, but instead they’re there to make sure you’re serious, and ready to stick with it. SEO is not a decision you make lightly. It’s not cheap and for good reason. SEO when done right will give your website and business a large, long term boost in the search rankings meaning you’ll get more leads, customers and business.

It’s an investment.
And we need to make sure you’re READY to make that investment, an not just looking for a ‘quick fix’ for a month or two. If it’s FAST results you’re after, then our PPC packages might be more suitable. SEO is the other side of the coin. We need to make sure you’re ready to stick with it for at least a few months so that we have time to get you results on your site. It can’t be done overnight.

When you make changes to your website it takes time for the search engines to crawl the website and update their rankings. Sometimes, even weeks or months. Combine that with the time it takes to update every page of a website, and research it and you’re looking at months. This isn’t a bad thing, because it means that when you get there, you’ll likely stay there.

It means that you’re doing work that most of your competitors probably aren’t doing. You’re making sure your website is completely optimised to be found by people and search engines, and you’re targeting the RIGHT people with your website.

How many hours are really required?
We know that because of how competitive the search engine rankings are, a certain number of hours are required in SEO to even get started. This is a minimum number of hours which makes sure that we can get you results. the more hours you have us working on the SEO, the BETTER results you’ll get. It’s that simple. It only goes to a point, however.

Sure, you could give less money to another agency, (£25, £50, £100 a month in some cases) but you’re not going to get results. We know this as experts because unless they’re working 16-20 hours per month on your site for that amount (which would mean they’d be making far less than minimum wage) the work isn’t going to get done.

Likely they’ll just send you a report that doesn't make sense and cash your check each month. We’re different. We look at each site differently and really do the research and work to make sure it gets results. Even the basic entry level SEO audits we do are very detailed (If you want to see an example, get in touch today) and take up to 5 hours each!

They go into every detail of the site and why it’s ranking where it is. We do this because we truly care about our clients and want to make sure they get great results with us.

An in-house marketing team!
Another great reason to get your SEO with PPC Stars is because with digital marketing, it’s always better to have it all under one roof. For many reasons as well. If we’re handling your PPC advertising, it makes a load of sense to have us manage your SEO.

- We can cross reference statistics.

- We know what keywords perform well for your business and your specific website.

- We know who your clients are, and we know a lot about your business already.

This means we can very effectively optimise the site for SEO and because our SEO team are all in house in our offices, we can talk to each other and get great results on both PPC and SEO.

It saves you time because you don’t have to communicate with several different agencies. One phone call, and you’re through to our office. Need to chat about SEO? We’ll just pass the phone to one of our expert SEO team. Social media? Easy. We now even do email marketing.

Hopefully you can now understand a bit better why we offer a minim number of hours for SEO and how it works. We could charge less and offer less hours, but we don’t simply because we know you won’t get great results from that. It’s about more than just the money, it’s about results.

It’s about building a relationship that will help your business grow, that will last years and not months. Get in touch today to find out more about our SEO packs and what they include. PPC Stars or call Tony on 07949 594565



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