Engaging With Your Audience On Social Media

It’s no secret that social media platforms are becoming the most used platforms on the web, with over 1.5 billion people active on social media and spending nearly 2 hours per day across all networks. This creates an unmissable opportunity for you and your business, providing you with an already collected and easily reachable market on these platforms. All you have to do is make sure you’re active on these networks and engaging with your audience.

Social Media Engagement

But what do we mean by engagement?
Before I go on to explain how to gain this engagement, let me define what this means, as it can mean many different things to different individuals. At PPC Stars, audience engagement means having your customers getting involved with your content, whether it be through actions taken on your posts, such as comments, likes and shares, or by people talking about your business using brand hashtags. This type of engagement can all be measured using analytics tools on individual social media networks, or on larger, usually paid-for tools like Raven tools. And all in all, we believe everything leads to sales, so you should see these numbers increasing as your engagement does.

How do you generate this engagement?
Once you know how to generate audience engagement, it is easy to implement into your social media marketing strategy, and you will be left wondering why you weren’t doing it before!

Ask your audience questions
Including questions in your written copy will mean people are more likely to leave a comment. Often, people want to leave a reply under posts but don’t know what to write, so giving them something to answer to directly will give them that push in leaving a comment as a reply to your post.

Use visuals in your posts
Visuals can include static images such as photos and infographics, as well as videos and gifs. Using these in your content will engage your audience because it is more aesthetically pleasing than a block of text. Infographics are great if you want to catch peoples attention like this, as well as providing them with important information, by incorporating both of these features into one.

Include humour
Depending on your business, humour is always a winner when it comes to obtaining likes on your posts. As long as the humour is light-hearted and not at the expense of anyone else, people will interact with your post more and remember you for posting it. People just love to laugh - it’s as simple as that!

Hashtag campaigns
Adding hashtags into your content provide your audience with a brand hashtag to use when they are posting something about your company. This might be some positive feedback or to share a new product or service they’ve tried out. Incorporating these will also make your content searchable when people use the words in search terms, bringing more traffic to your social
media pages. 

Stay consistent and return the favour
The only way to keep your audience engagement up is by posting regularly (every other day or daily) so that you’re always seen and heard online! And, if your audience can take the time to interact with your content, make sure you reply to their comments and reviews in return.

If you don’t have time to put these techniques into practice because you’re too busy running a thriving business, we can manage them for you. Get in touch today on 01730 716 462.


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